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Apr 27, 2012

Promo Member Alfamart Minimarket Lokal Terbaik Indonesia

Promo Member Alfamart Minimarket Lokal Terbaik Indonesia 

Promo member Alfamart is one of promo member of retailer Alfamart Indonesia. If you want to become member at retailer Alfamart you can join promo member Alfamart. If you join as a member Alfamart you can get the 8 benefit of Alfamart member.

Besides that Alfamart will offer you card members to join, there are three cards member of Alfamart Mini market Indonesia, AKU Card, A Card Flazz anda AKU BNI Card. You can choose of your membership at Alfamart. The purpose of this cards to make a costumer of Alfamart easier to shop at Alfamart.

Alfamart local mini market Indonesia is also offering tips of shopping, tips member, and another promotion to get affordable price special for Alfamart member. Not only the benefit of member, you will get special price at Alfamart merchants where available in Indonesia.

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Dec 26, 2008



by Edward de Bono
'Crazitivity' is a new word that needed inventing. Crazitivity is that sort of creativity that is solely driven by desire to be different. Creativity is always new and different so the belief is that something new and different is necessarily creative. So anything different, bizarre and off-the-wall claims to be creative.
I have no objection whatever to this belief and this style of 'creativity'. My only concern is that people should equate crazitivity with creativity. This would be a pity and would be a great disservice to serious creativity. Creativity can be low key, simple, unostentatious and very logical - in hindsight. Creativity does not have to announce: "Look at me. Aren't I creative!!".
In the advertising world something that is crazy may catch attention and may therefore have a direct value. This is seldom the case elsewhere. Since much of the impetus for deliberate creative effort came from the advertising industry (brainstorming) there is this residue of belief that bizarre is creative.
Bizarre does not attract attention in general. So those who want to make a statement or parade their disdain for normal conventions may seek the cazivity of bizarreness.
Sadly, there is a huge convention of un-conventionality - just as all hippies had to wear hippy uniforms. There is nothing wrong with the motivation to seek to be different. It is a pity if it just stops at being different for the sake of being different. In lateral thinking there is an important role for provocation. "Po cars have square wheels" is a typical provocation. The point of provocation, however, is that you use 'movement' to move forward from the provocation. You do not just sit on the provocation and say: "Isn't that creative?" So you 'move' forward from the square wheel provocation to design 'intelligent suspension'. Provocation is a valuable step but not a useful result.
The main reason why crazitivity is so often equated with creativity is that crazitivity is so very easy. So those people who want to be noticed and want to flaunt creativity find this the easiest route to take. That is a choice and an option. In my view it is not a very constructive one. I regard highly those creative contributions which deliver more value than just being different. So the key question is: "What value does this creativity deliver?" It may be eye-catching but then a shout is 'ear-catching'. Do you really want to live in a world full of shouting?

Dec 25, 2008

Tips on writing better copy


Copywriting Tips By Ivan Levison
On these pages, we look at how you write better copy. This relates to all kinds of copy, whether for brochures or web copy.
For whom are you writing?
Think about the people who will read your copy. Firstly, they're busy (isn't everyone, these days?). So they won't tolerate sloppy words or slow writing.
Secondly, your product may not greatly interest the customer. (People are interested mainly in themselves!). So it's vital to communicate well.
Readers need to know what benefits your product will give them. They'll be impressed by clear words, simple explanations and a logical flow - not by flowery words or long sentences.
The first task is to identify your customers. Where and when will they see your communication?
Exercise: Stop and make some notes about your customers. What kind of people are they?
The right kind of writing
Having got a clear picture of your reader, you should decide on the right sort of writing. From a postcard to a 36 page brochure, every type of writing is different.
Use the right sentence length
The sentence length depends on the medium you're using (whether a press ad or a sales leaflet). 10 words per sentence is about right for press advertisements, while 15 word sentences suit direct mail and brochures. Any sentence that exceeds 25 words will be difficult to follow
Adopt the right paragraph length
A paragraph of more than 15 lines is off-putting. 100 years ago, people had greater powers of concentration. But 30-second TV commercials and 10-second sound bites have reduced readers' attention span.
Use strong headlines
A headline should always encourage people to read the text. It should make them curious, or make them think they will learn something to their advantage. Be bold when it comes to headlines: they're the secret of getting people to read your words. Use long headlines freely: they work as well as short ones.
Never make the headline obscure. Never use words that people won't understand, as in this charity headline:
More women are victims of intestacy than divorce.
Even ordinary brochures need stimulating headlines. Brochures often waste an opportunity by using dull headlines like 'Introduction', or 'Product Characteristics'.
Use cross heads
Cross-heads (or subheads) are the small headings that break up groups of paragraphs in newspapers. Their role is attract the eye to the text and make it easier to read. Newspapers have the advantage of being able to add words like 'Crisis' or 'Sex'. You're unlikely to be able to use words like this. But you can still select the most evocative word from a group of paragraphs.
Use at least two headlines or sub-heads per page of text. They will guide the reader through the page.
Banish abstract words
Avoid using abstract words, like 'adjustment'. If you find you have written one, change it into a verb or use a concrete noun.
People like using abstract words because they sound weighty. They help the writer feel grand, but they also reduce the reader's understanding.

Copywriting Tips - Killer Headline Generation Tips

here is a stat that I keep quoting because I want to drill it into beginning copywriters so that they get it. It is a fact that 80% of the sales that you make will come from your headline alone. Why is this true? If the prospect reads your headline and is not impressed with it, he is NOT going to read the rest of he copy. The headline is what draws him in. The rest of the copy just seals the deal. So, in this article, I am going to give you a few killer headline generation tips that should greatly improve YOUR headlines.

Tip number one is to use a headline that asks the prospect a question. The reason this is effective is because when you ask somebody a question, it almost forces them to answer it. It's a psychological thing with people. Sometimes we'll answer questions that we don't even want to answer. So let's say we're writing copy for a make money online product and we come up with the following headline. "Would You Like To Earn An Extra $100 A Day For 10 Minutes Of Work?" Now, who in their right mind wouldn't? Certainly the prospect is going to at least answer the question yes or no. A yes answer will most likely result in them reading the rest of the copy.

A second great headline tactic is making a bold claim in the headline itself. When you make bold claims, it gets people's attention. Now naturally you have to be able to back that bold claim up with the rest of the copy, but the headline is going to keep them reading. So, something like the following headline "This Miracle Cure Will Rid You Of Your Acne In 3 Days...Guaranteed" is certainly going to get an acne sufferer's attention and quickly at that. Bold claims make great headlines.

Finally we have the personal story. These are great because they lend some real credibility to the copy. For example, a headline like "Truck Driver Earns $23,847 Monthly In His Spare Time" is going to really get the prospect interested. They're going to want to know what this guy's story is and yes, that's going to keep them reading. All you need to do is follow up with the truck driver's story and close the deal.

Headlines are so important to salescopy that they can make or break yours. So make sure you spend a lot of time on constructing your headline.

It could make the difference between sales and no sales.

By Steven Wagenheim

24 Unique and Creative Advertisements


Advertisment to inspire to get more creative idea to make ad. Enjoy!!

Unique and creative advertising ideas from all over the world.

Denver Water Car Advertisement

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Red Bull Advertisement

Unique Red Bull advertisement from Georgia. link

Nikon S60 Advertisement

The Nikon S60. Detects up to 12 faces. link

Al Ain Desert Wildlife Park Advertisement

Now open till midnight. link

IKEA Advertisement

Decorate for the holidays. link

Bootcamps Australia Advertisement

Make fitness a part of your life. link

Mambocino Coffee Advertisement

Cialdi. Extra Strong. link

Big Babol Bubble Gum Advertisement

The golden award winner at Dubai Lynx Awards 2008. link

Fenbid Advertisement

Fast relief for muscle and joint pain. link

Chevrolet Tahoe Advertisement link

Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation Ad

Second hand smoke in the home hospitalises 17,000 UK children a year. link

Volkswagen Advertisement

New Caddy Maxi Life, infinitely bigger. link

Samsung MP3 Player Advertisement link

Centraltec Advertisement

Creative campaign for air conditioning company. link

BEGO Dental Equipment & Materials Ad link

Nissan Advertisement

SHIFT_expectations. link

Sonntags Zeitung Newspaper Advertisement

The Insight Story. link

2008 Edmonton Indy Race Advertisement

There’s Fast. Then there’s Indy. link

Paraquad Anti-Drinking and Driving Ad

Don’t drink and drive this festive season. link

Aroma Coffee Advertisement

Wake Up! link

Allianz Insurance Advertisement

It is hard to protect yourself from hail. But easy to ensure. Real estate insurance from Allianz. [link

Olive Chemistry Glue Advertisement

You have only 3 seconds. Olivé Chemistry. High standard professional solutions

Pepsi Slurpee Advertisement

Brainfreeze! link

See Source; Toxel

Dec 24, 2008

Copywriting Tips - How Do You Write Good Openers?

By Robert Plank

Understand that the hardest part of copywriting, or any kind of writing, is the opening line. If you do not lead into your sales message with the correct story, it will not get read, no matter how catchy the attention headline or the rest of the page is. What makes the process even more daunting is that it is so hard to write on an empty page. That is why I always keep three phrases in mind when writing good openers: questions, connect the dots, and connecting to current events.

The easiest way to write a good opener is to ask a question. Are you about to send an e-mail about dog training? Then start a story like: "You know what I hate the most about dog training?" Then proceed to answer your own question. This has the double benefit that, not only is it super easy to write a document as an answer to a question, your readers will naturally be curious for the answer. Instead of simply giving them the solution to this dog training problem, you are telling them that the answer is coming up.

Next, there is the "connect the dots" strategy. Think of three random objects to include in your story... like prunes, an empty can of soup, and tennis balls. Tell your readers, "Continue reading to find out what a handful of prunes, an empty can of soup, and tennis balls have to do with dog training." Inserting random keywords into your story will boost your brain's creativity into overdrive.

You might scramble to weave together a story about how you were out jogging with your dog one early morning, he was chasing after a tennis ball and you stumbled over a can of soup to fall into a pile of prunes. The entire time, your dog sat there loyally waiting for you to get up... as if he were a real companion. Okay, that example is kind of cheesy, but you get the idea.

Finally, another good starting point is connecting your story openers to current events. What's going in the world overseas? Stay away from politics but I have seen countless e-mails in the last few years that begin with, "Recession? We don't need no stinkin' recession..."

Remember to ask questions, connect the dots, or keep in touch with current events, and you will always craft excellent copywriting story openers.

Get the exact step by step formula to write a sales letter in five minutes or less, complete with easy to use worksheets and plug-n-play headlines, offers, stories, and guarantees...

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